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Ron Paul wins in Jefferson County, IA Caucus 2012

January 5, 2012


Ron Paul Iowa Straw Poll Ames 2011

December 19, 2011

Ron Paul Iowa Straw Poll Ames 2011

December 19, 2011

Okoboji Conference 2010

June 28, 2011

Okoboji Conference 2010, Arnolds Park, Lakeside Laboratory, The Nature Center. Julian Drive Band played at the Okoboji Conference and I used it for the background music. Michelle Christy, speaker, talks about her clock story towards the end.

“Buried Alive” Book Review

March 2, 2010

Abducted in Iraq, A True Story

Buried Alive, A True Story

Ever hear about those jobs overseas in Iraq paying top dollar for contractors and truck drivers? This book is a must read before even considering these jobs, especially in this tough economy. People may get tempted, but the dangers should be weighed.

Personally, hearing bad news upon bad news can get disheartening, but this book gives us a little hope. It can help open our eyes to the war in Iraq without feeling too overwhelmed. Roy tells us what he did day by day after being captured and the treatment he was given as a hostage. He tells us how he was even hid in a cover-up mosque where U.S. troops weren’t allowed.

Roy Hallums is a retired U.S. Navy Commander and worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq. He was kidnapped in 2004 as a hostage for ransom and held for 311 days until he was rescued. According to Roy, as of 2008, “Fifty American contractors have been kidnapped since the war in Iraq began,” and he was the only one rescued.

Americans are by far, not the only ones taken as hostages. Roy states, “Two hundred foreigners, including over a dozen Americans, and thousands of Iraqis, have been abducted since the war started. Some hostages are killed, others ransomed.” In the book, Roy used subtle clues to try to figure out whether he was kidnapped for beheading and torture, or for ransom. For example, no orange jumpsuit, determining which group captured him, and other hostages being released after their ransoms were paid told him he may just live.

Buried Alive doesn’t just give a ton of facts, but brings us out of our chairs into a world where many of us prefer not to think about.  Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending.

A free copy of this book was given by BookSneeze.

“Cupidity: 50 Stupid things people do for love” Review

February 15, 2010

Hayley and Michael DiMarco define Cupidity as love meeting stupid.  It takes our quirks in how we handle/react to the opposite sex and teaches us how we can get the results we want by doing things a little different.  Despite the seriousness of the subject, Cupidity uses a lighthearted approach to help us discover each other.

Personally, it made me chuckle here and there because I could see myself and my husband in some of the pages.  For example, Cupidity tells us what romance means to men versus women:

Women – flowers, surprise picnics, love notes

Men – An Xbox 360, power tools, a 1966 Mustang

The above items describe romance in my own relationship to a T.

The authors tell us that “Love is not a feeling.  Adrenaline can feel like love. Jumping out of an airplane can feel like love.”  Some of you who are single out there may remember the adrenaline rush of meeting a new date, or finding a new crush.  It can certainly feel like love, especially if you become somewhat obsessed over the other person.  Well, Cupidity gives you a few tips.  For women, let him get the door, plan and pay for the date, plus let him call you back versus you calling him back.  This allows him to take that leadership role early on, versus letting him follow your lead.  It might save you from having to be the boss if the date moves forward into a relationship.  “A few descriptions for women who try to be the boss are bossy, nagging, unthankful, and difficult.”

The cover of the book actually lists the stupid things people do for love.  Not what you would typically expect.  Some of them are Trying to fix things, Pleasing the other person at all costs, Rehearsing the other person’s faults in your own mind, Using sex to get love. Many of  us need direction in the area of relationships, and whether you’re single or married, this book will definitely give you incite on how to handle yourself to improve the quality of your relationships.

God bless.

A free copy was given for review by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman

February 11, 2010

Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman focuses on character, faith, and growth as a business person.  He tells us his story and how he learned along the way, showing us how we can learn on our own journey.

One thing that stood out to me in the book was something George prayed for.  He prayed for solutions versus asking God for things.  George believes God will give us “fresh ideas about how to solve a problem or give us a vision for a new venture in our careers or business.”  George says to find a need and fill it. Part of that is finding solutions, versus just trying to make money.

It’s true, we can sometimes find ourselves making a grocery list of things we need and praying that God would provide us with those things.  It makes sense to pray for solutions because the solutions God brings to us may automatically provide for those things and serve others in the process.

Throughout the whole book, George give us examples of character.  One character trait is humility.  Humility helps us apologize for mistakes and helps us do the right thing.  Towards the end of his book, George talks about Bill Lear, the inventor of eight-track tapes.  This same Bill Lear came up with the Learjet, which could go almost 600 mph and travel up about 40,000 feet.  In 1966, two of Bill’s Learjets crashed and the pilot’s were found to be the cause.  Instead of accepting this verdict, Bill investigated and found otherwise.  He made the results known to the public and lost business during the investigation.  But Bill had integrity.  On a good note, Bill found the fix and within a few days, the jets were repaired.  It took courage for Bill to do the right thing. George says, “He (Bill) recalled earnestly listening to sermons from his pastor about honesty and integrity, and about doing the right thing when it wasn’t an easy thing to do.”

Courage to do the right thing when your reputation is at stake sounds easy, but as you know, it’s definitely the opposite of what it sounds.  George Foreman inspires us to be a better person. He himself is an example of someone who found faith in God and has the courage to follow Him.

God bless.

A free copy of this book was given to me for review from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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