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“Buried Alive” Book Review

March 2, 2010

Abducted in Iraq, A True Story

Buried Alive, A True Story

Ever hear about those jobs overseas in Iraq paying top dollar for contractors and truck drivers? This book is a must read before even considering these jobs, especially in this tough economy. People may get tempted, but the dangers should be weighed.

Personally, hearing bad news upon bad news can get disheartening, but this book gives us a little hope. It can help open our eyes to the war in Iraq without feeling too overwhelmed. Roy tells us what he did day by day after being captured and the treatment he was given as a hostage. He tells us how he was even hid in a cover-up mosque where U.S. troops weren’t allowed.

Roy Hallums is a retired U.S. Navy Commander and worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq. He was kidnapped in 2004 as a hostage for ransom and held for 311 days until he was rescued. According to Roy, as of 2008, “Fifty American contractors have been kidnapped since the war in Iraq began,” and he was the only one rescued.

Americans are by far, not the only ones taken as hostages. Roy states, “Two hundred foreigners, including over a dozen Americans, and thousands of Iraqis, have been abducted since the war started. Some hostages are killed, others ransomed.” In the book, Roy used subtle clues to try to figure out whether he was kidnapped for beheading and torture, or for ransom. For example, no orange jumpsuit, determining which group captured him, and other hostages being released after their ransoms were paid told him he may just live.

Buried Alive doesn’t just give a ton of facts, but brings us out of our chairs into a world where many of us prefer not to think about.  Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending.

A free copy of this book was given by BookSneeze.

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