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Fireproof Movie Review

January 13, 2010

Fireproof was not a movie my husband wanted to watch with me, but he did.  Though he had his doubts about it, we both got something out of it.

Fireproof is a story about a young couple, Catherine and Caleb, who are on the brink of divorce due to their differences.  She nags about him not helping out during his days off (she works 2 jobs to help her sick mother), she nags about him looking at pornography online, and she nags about him saving his money for a boat instead of paying for house repairs and upgrades.

He complains that she nags all the time and doesn’t respect that he works hard to save people’s lives as a fireman.  He believes he should be able to save for his boat because he started saving for it before they got married.  And he reminds her that they agreed her second job was for her to spend how she wanted, so that’s how the upgrades to their home should be paid for.

Ahh, the bickering.  When watching it on the screen as a third party observer, it hits home to many.  As she nagged, my chest tightened up and I could feel myself hold my breath as I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that I nag too.

Events unfolded and Caleb’s dad gave him a Love Dare.  He dared Caleb to love his wife like he said he did and go through each day doing something for their marriage.  Caleb’s dad gave him a journal with what to do each day.  Day one was to be positive, or to purposely not say anything negative to his wife.  She was unresponsive through Caleb’s experiment, but Catherine did notice a change in her husband.  In the end, Caleb gave her what she wanted most; what proved to her that he really did care.

I thought about the difficulties in a marriage that Fireproof brought up.  Sometimes we have to love others even if we felt at one point they didn’t deserve the extra effort.  We have to trust God enough that even if we open our hearts up for rejection, that God will bring something good from our efforts.  In Fireproof, Caleb took the dare and reaped the rewards of forgiveness in his marriage.

As I walked the aisles of Walmart, I came across a book, “The Love Dare“.  God had been urging me to be more loving towards my husband and others around me, even my complaining customers and unfair bosses.  God wants us to forgive and not carry the burden of having to change others.  Like the movie, Day 1 of the book, “The Love Dare“, also says to be positive and don’t say anything negative to your husband.  It can also apply to the other people we come in contact with throughout the day.

Fireproof helps us see that there is hope in a failing marriage.  Reconciliation is possible, even on the brink of divorce, if we just dare to follow a few steps, just to see what happens.  It’s just a dare, no biggy.  But the rewards of this dare can change the course of our hearts.  We all want instant results, and we can get that by changing ourselves first.  We just have to take the chance and see what happens.

God bless.

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