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Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman

February 11, 2010

Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman focuses on character, faith, and growth as a business person.  He tells us his story and how he learned along the way, showing us how we can learn on our own journey.

One thing that stood out to me in the book was something George prayed for.  He prayed for solutions versus asking God for things.  George believes God will give us “fresh ideas about how to solve a problem or give us a vision for a new venture in our careers or business.”  George says to find a need and fill it. Part of that is finding solutions, versus just trying to make money.

It’s true, we can sometimes find ourselves making a grocery list of things we need and praying that God would provide us with those things.  It makes sense to pray for solutions because the solutions God brings to us may automatically provide for those things and serve others in the process.

Throughout the whole book, George give us examples of character.  One character trait is humility.  Humility helps us apologize for mistakes and helps us do the right thing.  Towards the end of his book, George talks about Bill Lear, the inventor of eight-track tapes.  This same Bill Lear came up with the Learjet, which could go almost 600 mph and travel up about 40,000 feet.  In 1966, two of Bill’s Learjets crashed and the pilot’s were found to be the cause.  Instead of accepting this verdict, Bill investigated and found otherwise.  He made the results known to the public and lost business during the investigation.  But Bill had integrity.  On a good note, Bill found the fix and within a few days, the jets were repaired.  It took courage for Bill to do the right thing. George says, “He (Bill) recalled earnestly listening to sermons from his pastor about honesty and integrity, and about doing the right thing when it wasn’t an easy thing to do.”

Courage to do the right thing when your reputation is at stake sounds easy, but as you know, it’s definitely the opposite of what it sounds.  George Foreman inspires us to be a better person. He himself is an example of someone who found faith in God and has the courage to follow Him.

God bless.

A free copy of this book was given to me for review from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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