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30 Days of Peace: Friction – Day 3 & 4

December 14, 2009

God’s nudges to do what is right may not be as strong as in the beginning, but it doesn’t mean He wants us to back down and compromise. He wants us to practice being a peacekeeper even though our souls still want to override what the Spirit is saying. Like an athlete, we are practicing new habits. Soon, by making a conscious effort to keep the peace, we’ll be able to hold our peace without forcing ourselves to.

I noticed irritation almost comes hand in hand with lack of sleep.  If you’re on autopilot, it’s even worse for those  whose temperaments don’t lean towards being a peacekeeper.  Friction from unexpected attitudes or situations can get your blood pressure rising.  Personally, it starts from from my shoulders, to my neck up to my head.  Normally, at this point, things can get cloudy and my decision making isn’t always the greatest.  Making a conscious effort to be more peaceful has changed all this.  In the back of my mind, the Holy Spirit reminds me to hold my peace.

Although it all seems unrelated, Bible studies on forgiveness are related to holding your peace.  I think the tools each person needs to use may be different.  Instead of calling it forgiveness, call it being thankful, being positive, or simply being peaceful.  Each has a different take, but produces similar outcomes, being happier.

God bless.

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