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Your Life is A Job Interview

December 12, 2009

I often come across customers looking for a job who through their words and how they handle their personal situation, show me they have a bad attitude. Some people care enough to catch themselves and change their attitude, but others don’t even realize that how they handle themselves is their job interview.  No one’s perfect, but character is important in any work you do.  It helps build trust.

Personally, I think to myself, am I the kind of person I would hire? I check my own personal attitude and how I handle my business, this way.  This has helped me to stop being cranky on those bad days and to just be thankful for a way to help support my family.  In business, especially customer service or sales, it’s important to start fresh with every customer.  You can’t hang on to the last person’s negative comments, because it’ll come out to your next customer as bad customer service.  The ability to adjust your attitude is a necessity.

I also think, am I the kind of boss I would like to have?  When someone I work with is being cranky or has a personal situation, I try to put myself in their shoes so I’m not too quick to judge or blurt something out that would create tension in our relationship later.  I think it’s important to work with people.  For example, we can’t compare people, because everybody’s different.  Two people doing the same job may have different strengths, so instead of focussing on their weaknesses, we should amplify their strengths and help them do their best with their weaknesses.  Maybe have the two work together to help each other with their weak areas.

So next time your out and about shopping or running your errands, be courteous to the person behind the counter and have a better attitude about your situation.

God bless.

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