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30 Days Of Peace: Day 2

December 12, 2009

Day 2 was definitely better than day 1. I did slip up and was too demanding on my son at work, but asked God for forgiveness and let go of my mistake so I could move forward. Guilt doesn’t help us move forward when we’re trying to improve. It’s best to learn from your mistake and stop repeating it. This is repenting or dying to ourselves; which most of us need to do on a daily basis.

I had some pretty unreasonable customers and some rocky work situations, but once again, God brought to mind that I needed to remain calm and just let it go. I became more disconnected from the situations and customers and didn’t take things so personally; I didn’t feel the need to fix the other person or the situation.

Sometimes God helps us create boundaries that are good for our mental health. Some boundaries may cause us to feel less responsible or less caring, depending on our temperament, but God knows what we need to become healthier.

It’s up to us wether we learn from our day to day experiences. Ultimately, if we push through and listen to God, we’ll grow faster and be more at peace in the process.

God bless.

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