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30 Days of Peace: Day 1

December 10, 2009

Don’t Give Up

God heals some of us in layers. This winter season, God has been urging me to work on being more peaceful. I believe I’m not alone in this season.  I may not know it while I’m going through the process, but when it’s time to refocus on a different layer, I notice through other people’s testimonies that they were going through something similar. Ever notice that it’s not just with a few people at times, but with whole church bodies.? Just noticing these things in itself, plays a part in helping you to be more calm and at peace.

I didn’t do the greatest on Day 1 of this quest for inner peace, but I did make some progress.  Every time I wanted to blurt something out to get the last word, the Holy Spirit would remind me of the 30 Days of Peace.  I still blurted some things out that were unnecessary.  It’s like my brain needed to catch up to my heart and mouth.  My heart and mouth were definitely in tune with each other, but my brain was processing what the Holy Spirit was saying a bit slow.

 Don’t feel so bad if you had a rough start like I did.  Day 1 showed promise.  Off to Day 2.

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