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30 Days of Peace

December 9, 2009

The song above is called “Heaven is My Home.”  I’d like to spend the next 30 days making heaven my home.  30 days to unlearn bad habits.  30 days to learn new habits.  30 days to a better you.  It’s like a weight loss advertisement, but true.  Some of you can learn something on Sunday and apply it on Monday, but for others like me, it takes a bit of time and practice.  Some are naturally more peacefull, some are more anxious.  Either way, in God’s peace, there is power.

We’re not talking about POWER to the power hungry, but the power to change for the better.  And possibly make a difference in the lives of others without trying so hard.  Truly, it is hard to make a difference and be a world changer, even if it’s just in our own backyards, when we’re stuck on issues like selfishness, resentment, anger, self-righteousness, etc.  That question arises, “For how can we help others if we can’t help ourselves,” and “How can we give of ourselves if we have nothing inside to give.”

For myself, I reliaze this will be a hard journey where I have to lay selfishness aside and be willing to be wrong even though I may think I am right at times.  To all you married people out there, you know what I mean.  I even have a hard time picturing myself smiling when I have angry bubbles trying to burst inside me.  We tend to blame miscommunication as the culprit, but I am going to challenge the status quo and go on to purposely have peace aside from those miscommunications.  I believe a step in this direction will help us rise above any irritable quotients in life so that we can look to heavenly things; knowing we’re fighting principalities and powers versus people may actually become a part of our spirit.  It may become an innate character so that we’re not always fighting each other as God’s children but focussing our thoughts on heavenly things so we can let God do the fighting for us.

So join me if you will, and we’ll see how we progress.

God Bless.

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