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Grandmas and Grandpas

August 25, 2009
Grandma and Grandson take the time to bond.

Grandma and Grandson take the time to bond.

I’m no expert, don’t have any grandkids of my own, nor do I hold a PhD in child rearing, but based on my own experience (or lack therof), I know the importance of Grandparents in the lives of youngsters growing up.

After moving almost 2,000 miles away from my own parents, I realized that my kids were missing out on an important relationship. Not only can Grandparents can supply wisdom in tough times, they can they can be there to just simply share in loving the kids and help to create those fond childhood memories. I found an old article below that shows how we can enjoy the little things:

Chocolate Chip Shower
by Pat Murray
8/31/2008 / Cooking

“Do it again, Mamaw, Do it again!” I was laughing so hard at that point that I could not have done anything else, much less repeating that.

It all started when I had a real “grandmother moment” and felt I should be baking cookies with my four grandchildren. At that time they were ages six through nine. We gathered all of the necessary ingredients and placed everything in perfect order on the counter to begin our work. The older children also “helped” by reading aloud the recipe. Things were mixed and measured with meticulous care making sure that everyone had an equal part in the procedure. Of course, we were baking chocolate chip cookies and the much anticipated moment had arrived to add the chips. Everyone knew that even though the chips were going into the batter there would still be a few extra to munch on.

You can probably see what is coming. I picked up the bag and for some unknown reason (it must have been their prayers), I decided to pull apart the bag instead of cutting it open. The bag broke open and at least half of them “showered” onto the floor. Those four children moved so fast like little ants on a picnic and were on their hands and knees eating the chips. I was laughing so hard that I could not stop them. With four children running around I was sure the floor was not clean enough to eat off of.

Upon stuffing the last chip in their mouth, they exclaimed, “Do it again, Mamaw, Do it again!”

Thank you God for those precious children and the times I can share with them.

This is a personal true story!

By Pat Murray
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